Saturday, October 28, 2006

Why this blog?

I wanted to create a place I could come to and feel safe to mourn, to vent and to go on. When you lose a baby everyone "knows how you feel" is "So sorry" and reminds you (if you can) that "You could always have more". It would be nice if any of this could possibly help you feel better about just having lost a beautiful life, but it doesn't. Even if you have other children, it doesn't replace the one(s) you've lost. I think that to relate you have to be a mom who has lost your own baby, whether in utero, in your arms or in their crib. Having a life developing inside you even gives dad a disadvantage in understanding. The constant whirlwind of emotions that go on inside my head and heart. Some can be voiced, some not. For a very long time I felt alone. I have very recently found a website "Honored Babies" where I was able to post a memorial for free. I saw so many others and even made contact with another mom (who's wounded heart was on the same day, though different year than my own), hence the inspiration for this blog. Please feel free to comment, as that is what this site is for.

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