Monday, September 01, 2008

I'll Play

Here's an interesting topic from the ladies over at Glow In The Woods. It's a spirituality-themed 6 by 6 meme. If you find this topic interesting consider yourself tagged and stop in here for details. The ladies there have also answered all these questions themselves.

1 | Do you feel as though a higher entity/supreme being/energy force has a presence in your life? What do you call it, and what makes you feel it exists?

Absolutely. I call it Jehovah. Creation itself in addition to things that happen everyday.

2 | Describe, in a word or two, the nature of your spiritual self before and then after the loss of your baby/babies.


3 | Do you pray, even if you wouldn’t call it praying? To whom? What for?

Yes. For and about anything and everything I can think of.

4 | Is there a particular line of scripture/teaching/sentiment that you find particularly helpful? Or is there one that’s commonly referred to but is unhelpful?

Helpful...there are so many scriptures, but I'll narrow it down to Psalm 27:1, Revelations 21:4 and Acts 24:15. My Favorite saying is "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."

5 | Did your faith offer rites, rituals or teachings that acknowledged your baby and your healing? If not (or if you didn't seek it out in an organized fashion), what rites, rituals or mantras have you adopted as your own?

The teaching of the resurrection has helped me profoundly. I look forward to the day that I will hold my daughter in my arms again and have the opportunity to raise her with great expectation. Also, my memorial garden and keeping her memory alive has been comforting.

6 | Some people say that in a foxhole, there are no atheists. You’ve been in a foxhole. Discuss.

I've never been in a foxhole.


Tash said...

Thanks for taking the time to answer these, Ruby. I'm so sorry for your losses. I'm especially taken by your grounded answer to #2.

Reading down, I also want to add how sorry I am for your recent scare. Gut punch, indeed.

niobe said...

i know that we come from different religious traditions and, I'm sure, have some different beliefs, but I think in many ways, we have a lot in common.

sweetsalty kate said...

Ruby, thanks so much for doing this. Your answer to the second question made me envious.. it doesn't get much more profound with just one word.