Sunday, April 08, 2007

Murphy's Law?

My husband surprised me with a dinner date tonight.

This is what happened.

We get to the restaurant and find that they have misplaced (forgot to write down?) our reservations. After waiting too long we were finally seated.

Not a good table, not a nice location. We decide to let it go and enjoy our dinner.

Ha. They brought us BOTH the wrong meal. That just doesn't happen. They take it back and finally bring us the right plates. Mine isn't cooked the way I ordered it. I don't send it back because I'm hungry and don't want to wait another hour. At least she noticed (all by herself) and asks if I would like to send it back. I said no. She apologizes.

In the meantime...I try to be brave and order a drink I've never had before (I rarely drink, and when I do it's NOT wine). Red wine. Their best. She brings it. It's beautiful. I smell it. I shouldn't have, now I'm afraid to taste it. I talk myself into it, how wonderful it's going to taste and how well it goes with my food and how it looks so sophisticated. I take a sip. Ew! Yuck! How do people drink that stuff? How do they drink it and smile. Ew! My husband is laughing now and in all his sophistication, tastes it. After making an 'I just sucked a lemon' face, his whole body shivers. Now I'm laughing.

The food sucked, the wine really sucked, but the company was great.


niobe said...

The food sucked, the wine really sucked, but the company was great.

Well, at least the most important element of a good evening was there, even if the rest most definitely weren't.

I hope the restaurant offered you a discount -- or at least a free dessert -- after messing up your order so badly.

Ruby said...

They offered nothing but an apology:(

Tracey said...

I know! I HATE red wine. I won't even try it anymore. Sorry the food and drink was icky, but I'm glad the company was great.

Andria and Co. said...

aww... it is really sweet that you and the dear hubby were able to laugh about it! that is a wonderful element of marriage- being able to laugh at things; like snorting, or milk coming out of your nose.