Friday, November 09, 2007

Just My Imagination

Last night while I was out having an otherwise nice time, a pregnant couple sat across from us. This wouldn't be a big deal if it wasn't for their behavior.

First, they were young. Second, they were nice looking. Third, they were going to have a baby. This should make for a happy occasion right? Of course not. Now, I do know that they probably just had a fight. Pregnant hormones and all. Or maybe they just got some bad news. Or something. But I couldn't talk myself into that last night.

With my vivid, pessimistic imagination I just couldn't let it go at that. They looked so, so sad. They may have said two words to each other. They hardly even look at each other, they just sat there quietly looking down at the table. I (who always imagine the worst) wondered if there was something wrong with the baby. Did they just find out it has something life-threatening? Maybe they found out that it was over and they're now waiting for the spontaneous birth? I know how ridiculous this sounds but this is how my mind works. I could think of nothing else. She looked sad enough to cry and so did he. Not angry just sad. I couldn't concentrate on the good company I was with or the nice surroundings, just on her obvious sadness. They quietly shared a plate and left.

I'm sure the baby was fine but my mind goes to some pretty strange and sometimes dark places sometimes. I hate that my mind works like this. I wish I didn't know that all pregnancies don't have happy endings.


Tracey said...

I wish you didn't know that too... That no one did.

Mike said...

Sometimes, I think we just have to will ourselves to think positive thoughts.


niobe said...

I would have thought the same thing.