Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Day

Little One has strep throat. After a fever of 104 and an urgent care visit Monday I took him home with antibiotics. Instead of improving he has progressively gotten worse. I'm taking him back today.

My eighteen year old son is now the proud owner of the universe and all its inhabitants, all the knowledge and know-how therein and a mouth to prove it. Soon-to-be not-so-proud owner of an eviction notice.

At the end of the month my mom would have been sixty-three years old. I miss her so much.

That's my day. What are you up to today?

*Update* Just got back from urgent care...again. On top of strep throat, Little One also has a nasty virus and is getting an ear infection. I'm fired!


Carole said...

Sending the little one lots of good thoughts and get well wishes. Thinking of you as you approach your mom's birthday.

Tracey said...

Congrats to your 18 yr old. Must be wonderful to know everything. Now you don't have to Google anymore!

Steph said...

Im sorry to hear about little one. Hope it's all gone soon!

niobe said...

Poor Little One.

I'm so sorry that you're missing your mom.