Sunday, June 03, 2007

Meme Misery

I was tagged a few days ago for a rather confusing meme. I had never been tagged for anything before. Though I didn't quite understand the relationship of all the questions, I did it anyway. Maybe because I just wanted to have participated in one. Maybe I thought "'s all in fun." Regardless of the reason I did, I did. I then tagged four people.

I shouldn't have.

If I wasn't sure about it, I shouldn't have passed it along. Duh. Did this dawn on me? NO. At least not until I read Niobe's post. I guess I could/should have killed it, I just didn't think of it.

I do thank Tracey for thinking about me.

It looks like this meme will finally be put out of it's meme misery.


Angel Mom said...

Awww, and I was so excited about being tagged. ;-) That's okay. Now I don't have to think of my answers!

Tracey said...

Ruby, I'm sorry that someone else found it unappealing. It truly is a "get to know you" type of meme. It was passed along with no ill will, and I did pause for a moment before I tagged you, wondering if your blog was the type to go for it or not. But, since I consider you a friend and a fellow mother, I tagged you. I'm also sorry if she hurt your feelings by making it seem stupid. If I had felt it were stupid, I simply would have ignored the tag, rather than risk hurting you.

For all it matters, I found your answers interesting and learned new tidbits about you that I hadn't known before.

niobe said...

I'm so sorry. It really didn't occur to me that your feelings would be hurt. I was actually very happy that you tagged me, because it gave me something to post about. And there was nothing particularly wrong with the meme -- I was just being snarky. And I certainly didn't mean to suggest that other people shouldn't do it.

niobe said...

Okay, I've gone back and taken the post down. I am so so sorry about this.