Friday, June 22, 2007

Rated G


I borrowed the idea from Niobe who borrowed it from someone else. Anyway, this site rates your blog and even lets you know why you received said rating.

This blog is rated G. The rating was based on use of these two words: Pain (x1) and Hurt (x2).

So I guess blogger thinks that the ravings of a mother in mourning desperately trying to dignify and hold on to the memory of her babies is...For Everyone!


Carole said...

I'm thinking that blogger (just like the rest of the world) somehow just doesn't get it.

Tracey said...

So the rating is only on language, right? Cuz I'm rated PG for using crap and damn. I guess you need to start swearing more?

Mike said...

Hmm. I'm afraid of getting my blog rated. I might get censored.



LaughterThoughts said...

I got a PG... I used the word "poop" 3 times. (Though, I'm fairly certain, I've used it way more than that!!)

And I said "meth" twice. That's the bitter ol' woman's fault. She's the one who said it!

And I said "murder"... I'm not sure when I used that. Maybe describing the screams of a ranting kid?

I intend my blog to be rated G... I guess I need to not talk about baby poop any more.;-)

Tracey said...

Hey Ruby. Just saying hello and hoping you're doing well.

Arlynda said...

Interesting to know.