Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Random Thoughts

I like cobalt blue glass.

My teenagers have lost their minds.

Congratulations Catherine!

A longtime friend has visited my blog. "Hi, S."

I'm in awe of God.

There are wildflowers everywhere.

I wish I could help my mom while she's going through chemotherapy.

Sometimes I'm fine.

I wish I had at least a measure of artistic capabilities.

What are your artistic talents?


niobe said...

Aristic talents? Does food presentation count?

Catherine said...

Thank you. :o)

My artistic talents?
I crochet, sew clothing, and make bead bracelets. I used to play the flute/piccolo, but haven't picked them up in a long time.

Ruby said...

Ah, a culinary artist.

Wow, all that and an instrument.

llq said...

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